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SP20 - 


QuickUp- Portable Spray Watering System




Complete watering system in one product


• Simple plug-and-play concept, no design skills required, mistake-free

• Allows you to cultivate vegetable rows freely

• Lawn watering without turf disturbance

• Takes only a few minutes to install or move between different vegetable

  or lawn areas

• Can be stored between usages

• Can be operated automatically during vacations




• Uses innovative Quick-Up garden hose connector (fig.1), which can be

  rolled up with the hose on any hose reel

• Enables to connect and disconnect the micro sprinkler and  seconds by

  simple push or pull action at the Quick-Up outlet

• Efficient water saving and gentle watering by micro sprinklers

• Option to fit variety of garden and lawn shapes with additional  nozzles for

  different watering arcs


Product Content


6 x Quick-Up connectors

1 x Line End connector

6 x Micro sprinklers, 360° on spike

6 x Flow control valves

6 x 180° replacement nozzles

4 x 90° replacement nozzles

2 x Rubber band to bind sprinklers on hosereel


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