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Drip'N'Roll DNR

Drip'N'Roll   DNR (Enlarge)

DNR   - click for movie


Drip'N Roll-Portable Drip Watering  System  




Complete watering system in one product


• Simple plug-and-play concept, no design skills required, mistake-free

• Takes only a few minutes to install and to move between different

   garden areas

• Can be stored between usages

• Can be operated automatically during vacations





Uses water saving drip-lines pre-rolled on a multi-compartment roller

Ready-to-use system, pre-assembled

Efficient watering also in low pressure (rain water tanks)

Connect multiple systems to each other to cover large areas



Cat No.No. Units/ masterLength mmWidth mmHeight mmVolume m³Weight kgBarcode
Big Box0104042-004926303453450.0755.47290013238962
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